Whether on business or travel,
It is used freely in many ways.


What is Netaro?

NETARO is a new type of Internet cafe created by 「Manboo」 a manga café with many locations in Kanto area and Nagoya.
Not only can you watch cartoons, DVDs, Internet access, enjoy the space alone! It can also be used as a change of atmosphere, and spend different leisure time with lovers or friends here.
Relax and enjoy it like a second home! Our store can meet the various needs of customers, just like your second home,enjoy it!”


How to use the service



Do I need to provide any proof of identity to use it?
Our store is available to anyone, no registration required.
You don’t need to show any proof of identity.
Also women can take advantage?
Anyone can use our store. The store not only has a powder room for ladies, in the Fukuoka Tenjin store also has a women’s section.
Do you have WI-FI here?
There is free Wi-Fi available in the store that anyone can use.
Can I bring outside food into the store?
You are free to bring your own.